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employer-portal-services-image2An organization is as good as its employees and for most companies, talent acquisition and retention effects the bottom line. At Tech-Nique Partners we understand the criticality of identifying and securing the right talent for an organizations specific needs. Our clients may differ regarding their business model or structure, product focus, abundance of resources, but the technique for successful recruiting is always the same. By taking into account the driving variables (i.e.: desires v. needs, talent supply, culture, trajectory, compensation, expectations, constraints, challenges, competition) Tech-Nique Partners designs an acquisition strategy encompassing the opportunity’s selling points while acknowledging any shortcomings. We develop an intimate understanding of the technical environment along with any issues, upcoming projects and implementations. At Tech-Nique, we believe that we are an extension of your organization. The best way we can represent our client is to understand the business as if it were our own. We take the same approach with recruitment, as Tech-Nique is an extension of the candidate. We are educated about our candidate’s, their experiences, skills, goals, aspirations and personal situations. We consider ourselves a learning organization. As your partner, we extract knowledge and develop expertise, allowing us to leverage your strength while we minimize bottlenecks. Our influence on the hiring process increases efficiency through a reduction in the time, cost and resources required for successful talent acquisition.


Tech-Nique Partners offers a variety of talent acquisition approaches aimed to meet the demands of any organizational circumstance. We understand the recruitment process and its impact on the bottom line. TNP offers efficient and cost effective services to the market by leveraging a deep web of partnerships, market knowledge and one of the deepest networks of talent in the industry. Tech-Nique Partners creates comprehensive and results oriented approaches that solve even the most difficult search requirements.

Recruitment Scope: National – USA

Practice Areas: Information Technology, Sales, Human Resources, Administrative


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