Flexible Scalable Solutions

Whether you have a robust Recruiting Team and Process, running lean or just building your talent acquisition team/process, there will come a time that additional resources will be needed to meet hiring demand.

When you are experiencing growth or niche related hiring challenges, Tech-Nique’ s contract recruiting solution gives you the flexible resources you need to ramp up hiring initiatives quickly and extend the reach of your existing team.

With contract recruiting, we partner with you to focus on the critical aspects of attracting and retaining talent quickly and effectively. Recruiters can be brought in at any point to augment your team, so you can scale up or down and once you have reached your hiring goals, you can effortlessly disengage.

Only looking for targeted sourcing to supplement candidate flow to your recruiters? Give us the skills set and we will identity, prescreen and schedule candidates with your Talent Acquisition team for an hourly or monthly cost depending on your needs.

Are you under the gun for talent and overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start?

 Let Technique organize and execute mass hiring efforts for your needs. We have Recruiters with 10+ years of experience in building robust hiring days that effectively bridge the gap in critical bulk hiring needs. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Need a Coordinator to manage the on boarding process for a mass hiring effort? We have HR coordinators on staff that can be deployed onsite or work remotely to ease the workload while ensuring proper protocol and paperwork is taken care of.

Start Immediately

Engage Tech-Nique and have a recruiter start immediately. Start and stop services as needed. Full or partial recruitment process support.

Control Hiring Costs

Hourly and flat rate packages allow for cost control and managing of a recruitment budget.

Scale as Needed

 Under the gun for talent? Need an extra sourcer or a specialized recruitment team? Have a project initiative to staff? Tech-Nique scales with you.   

Expertise Toolbox

Engage top notch experienced recruiting professionals with market knowledge. Specialized headhunters in specific niches,  with access to sourcing, HR business managers, and process consultants.


Get a dedicated recruiter assigned to your organization today