Project Services

project--service-image-2Whether your goal is to develop a state of the art infrastructure, upgrade outdated systems or improve business processes and corporate communication via technology, Tech-Nique Partners can help you reach your goals. We have exceptional certified resources specializing in the Microsoft Stack of Products.

Microsoft Infrastructure Upgrades and Support Project Implementations

Tech-Nique Partners has extensive experience in, and is currently managing, national Microsoft Infrastructure Support Projects such as: Data Center/Helpdesk Support, .NET Application Support and Windows Migration Projects ranging from 500K-3MM in size and scope.

SharePoint SME’s

We have partnered with a number of Microsoft MVP’s in to deliver customized solutions as well as Infrastructure Reviews, Site Planning & Design and Migrations/Upgrades.

CRM Implementation/Customization

Companies that stay connected to their clients and understand their needs have the edge in a competitive market. Our CRM Developers can help you customize a solution that is right for your business practices and business line allowing you a better ROI with your customer data. Let us help you stay ahead of your competition.

Project Management/PMO Services

Have your projects gone out of scope and budget? Do you have a never ending list of requirement changes with no project completion in sight? Do you have a number of internal projects with interdependencies and no PMO to manage the outcome? Are your stakeholders unhappy? At Tech-Nique Partners we understand that a project is only as good as its requirements and resources. Let us help you get your projects (and work hours) back on track. Whether you’re working on Agile, Waterfall or an iteration of both, our resources can help you get a hold of your project and achieve success.

Onsite Staffing

Is your company growing exponentially? Can’t keep up with your open jobs but don’t have the budget to pay dozens of fee? Contact us about our In-house Recruiting Services. We will place one of our experienced recruiter’s onsite for an hourly fee for a defined period of time. You will have ownership of resources identified for your roles and daily face to face access to your own experienced recruiter!

HR Process Assessment

A company is only as successful as the people it employs. Talent acquisition is an important, overlooked HR function. Many companies overwhelm functional HR professionals with little head hunting knowledge to find niche skills set. Couple this with an outdated recruiting processes and you will find yourself in a merry go round of mediocre talent and common problems such as: Wasted time reviewing unqualified resumes, The use of dozens of staffing companies that know nothing about your company culture or individual needs, interviewing inadequate people wasting everyone’s time or losing out on top talent and hiring mediocre candidates out of desperation to fill a void.

As companies look to employ good people they need a process that attracts and keeps talent. Every company should ask itself:

  1. Does your job description truly reflect the everyday job function?
  2. Are all technology must haves listed with the accurate experience level clearly listed?
  3. What is the shelf life of your open requirements? Are the right people part of the interview process?
  4. What is the average amount of interviews before an offer is made?
  5. Are you hiring for the same role 9 months later with the same job description and same expectations?

Allow us to assess your current hiring process, train your internal staff and put a robust and efficient hiring process together customized to fit your needs.

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