About Tech-Nique

The technical recruiting industry has rapidly changed over the past decade. What was once a "people" business, driven by relationships, has become transactional and volume based. 

Candidates have become names in databases, agencies are one of thirty on a vendors list, judged by a KPI. A client is a priority number on a recruiters hot sheet based on bill rate, fee percentage and ease of fill.

The days of understanding a candidates personal desires and career trajectory or an organization’s cultural nuances and technical environment have shifted to mass resume submissions, distribution lists, and vendor management systems.

Generic job descriptions are the norm. Face to face meetings have been replaced with video & emails and resumes are doctored to match job descriptions.

Recruitment is an art and a science. The recipe for success does not lie in a company's size or its tools, but rather, in the people it employs. It takes talent to find talent. Success in this industry depends on effective communication with all parties, while accurately and transparently setting and managing expectations.

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