Tech-Nique Partners Leadership Team

Joshua Sofer

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Josh Sofer, Co-Founder of Tech-Nique Partners, started recruiting at a boutique agency in late 2006. Since then, he has amassed a wealth of industry knowledge and career management experience. Areas of expertise include organizational culture and structure, leadership and change management and corporate communication effectiveness. Leveraging his experience with organizational analysis, Josh has a passion for creating customized recruitment strategies that meet the most demanding requirements. Josh Sofer holds a B.A. in Management from Goucher College and a M.B.A. from the New York University Stern School of Business

Brenda Williamson

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Brenda Williamson, Co-Founder of Tech-Nique Partners, began her recruiting career in 1999 while attending the Computer Science Program at York College. She was offered an internship with an Apple VAR which turned into a full time position under the tutelage of the IT Client Services Director. Brenda quickly learned about IT Project Services and the related staffing challenges. Understanding and meeting technology related project and staffing goals became her passion and she has been in the industry ever since. Utilizing her unique combination of experience and knowledge, Brenda understands a client’s technical environment allowing for an increase in recruiting efficiency in many ways, one being a highly effective screening process. She has supported enterprise, mid-sized, boutique and startup environments and understands the challenges each one faces. Her ability to analyze technical and cultural needs and provide top talent is her specialty.

Hegson Rapozo 

Recruiting Manager

Hegson entered the world of recruitment in 2016 after completing his undergraduate studies at Baruch College. His areas of expertise include traditional "head hunting" pass and active candidate cultivation, client management and process analysis. 

What do they say about our Tech-Nique?

Josh is a consummate professional. He is able to define his objectives, establish concise metrics and execute with passion for exceeding his planned objectives.He is a thinker, who can articulate the goal, define a set of actions to net results and is able to define measures of success from leading indicators through revenue realization. Personal attributes include dedicated, hard working with an appreciation that it needs to be fun and contagious.

Steve K. 
Director of Sales 

Brenda is a complete professional with an uncanny insight into placements. She is able to recognize top fits to a company's needs, culture, and roles that others rarely hit. I would not hesitate working with Brenda again.

John G.
Chief Information Office

I've had the opportunity to work with Josh on both sides of the fence, as both a hiring client and as a candidate. His performance has excelled in each, and his dedication to serving both client and candidate reaches a caliber often not found in the staffing industry. Knowledgeable specifically in staffing and recruiting, Josh also possesses an industry knowledge and wherewithal to satisfy the most discerning client or candidate, across multiple enterprise functional areas.

Anthony C.
Director, Consulting Services 

I had a great experience working with Hegson. He did an excellent job identifying me for a new opportunity. He kept me in the loop during the entire interview process and I really enjoyed his positive attitude.

Jason O.
Project Manager

I have worked with many recruiters over the years with both hiring staff and seeking employment myself. One of the biggest complaints I have always had about recruiters is that they are terrible in getting back to you with good or bad feedback or if you they don't have anything for you , you end up in that black hole. Josh was the total opposite. I was referred to Josh and his partner from a colleague of mine who knew I was in the job market. From the very beginning he was in constant contact with me even giving me his cell phone number to call him in the evening if I had any questions. I was extremely lucky to get the job , but as it was a small up and coming company so there were a lot of questions .. I have not worked for a small firm before so this was all new territory for me. Josh was great in easing my fears about benefits, etc... and he did not give up until we had all the answers. Once I was here I contacted Josh and his partner for new staff for myself. They were very thorough in their screening of candidates and did not send me anyone who walked through their door. As the manager now and not the candidate this was extremely important to me as I know they were not wasting my time with just anyone. I really enjoy working with Josh.. as far as recruiters go he is the "real deal"

Lauri D.
Director of Technology 

Brenda is an excellent Technical Recruiting Manager to work with. When she assisted me in getting placed in a company, she worked hard with her business partners because she believed and trusted my technical background and expertise. She is also very knowledgeable in the application development arena so when she speaks to her clients, she knows exactly how she she provide the right contractors to the right positions. I can always trust her in working hard to represent me to any client and I know she goes the extra mile for all of her contractors. It's great working with Brenda and I'm looking forward in our future business endeavors.

Steve B.
Solutions Architect

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